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21 day itinerary + 2 travel days



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Omaha to ... Paris, France Round Trip Cost $1327 OMA to MSP to CDG


Rental Car for duration of the trip $1697.36, Available at noon on the day of landing and returns the last day of the trip, both at the airport.

Travel Day Food $12/meal


Purchase a Paris Museum 6 day pass.







 Arc de Triomphe: Free with Pass


Lunch:  $25


Musee des Arts decoratifs: Free with Pass


Dinner: $40

 Arc de Triomphe, memorial of the historical French war victories and a beautiful sight.

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Lunch at Bouillon Pigalle, an incredible French restaurant with great French cuisine and massive portions.


Musee des Arts Decoratifs (Decorative Arts Museum) shows off many beautiful pieces and is something to experience in France.


Dinner at Aux Lyonnaise, rustic and hearty cuisine of Lyon, in Paris, expensive, but well worth it.

9 Nights in Hotel, Breakfast Included, Parking Available, $943




Breakfast: Free 


Musee national d’art modern: Free with Pass


Lunch: $15


Espaces Mode et Textile: Free with Pass


Dinner: $20

Musee national d’art modern (National Museum of Modern Art), is another art museum to view free with the Paris Pass, and is something I would not pass up.


Lunch at Juveniles, a wine shop turned restaurant with large portions and very fair prices.


Visit Espaces Mode et Textile, another free trip, to explore the fashion and textile word of Paris.


Dinner at Marché Des Enfant Rouges, which boasts a variety of options as a cross between a farmers market and a food hall, choices are endless.





Breakfast: Free 


Espaces Publicite: Free with Pass


Lunch: $20


Musee du Louvre: Free with Pass


Dinner: $20

Visit Espaces Publicite which is exhibits dedicated to graphic designers and boasts a huge collection of ads, signs and various art pieces.


Lunch at Bouillon Chartier, similar to Bouillon Pigalle, another place with large portions and great food.


Visit the Louvre, one of the most famous art museums in the world, home to the Mona Lisa, and many other incredible works. Anyone that loves art or even is in France should visit.





 Breakfast: Free 


Tours de Notre Dame: Free with Pass


Pantheon: Free with Pass

 Tour of Notre Dame one of the most famous churches in the entire world, while unfortunately there was a major fire here recently, restorations are already underway, lunch is included in the tour.


The Pantheon is another beautiful church, just going to marvel in the beauty and eat dinner at a nearby shop or restaurant.





 Breakfast: Free 


Musee national Picasso-Paris: Free with Pass


Lunch: $15


Musee de Cinema: Free with Pass


Dinner: $30

 Another day, another art museum, free of charge with the pass, and this is the Picasso Museum.


Lunch is at Aux Duex Amis a wine bar with great small plates, perfect for a casual lunch.


Musee de Cinema is next, this museum of cinema shows off some of the history of French cinema.


Dinner is at Pink Mamma a four level behemoth of a restaurant showcasing many different cuisines.





 Breakfast: Free 


Sainte-Chapelle: Free with Pass


Lunch: $45


Musee d’Orsay:

Free with Pass


Dinner: $20

 Sainte-Chapelle is a gothic style cathedral in France and has breathtaking architecture.


Lunch is as Ze Kitchen Galarie, an expensive 6 course tasting menu of the finest cuisines Paris has to offer.


Musee d’Orsay is another fantastic art museum in a railway station that has a massive area and many great pieces, I will also be eating dinner here at the museum’s restaurant.

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 Breakfast: Free 


Stade de France and tour, lunch provided, $17 a ticket




Dinner: $35

 Visit the Stade de France a soccer stadium where many French teams play and many a great player has stepped foot, tours are offered and they include a lunch.

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Visit Parc des Princes, home of my favorite soccer club and one of the top clubs in the world, Paris Saint-Germain.


Dinner will be at Semilla, a fantastic restaurant owned by an award winning chef, a great tourist destination.





 Breakfast: Free 


Scale the Eiffel Tower: $38


Lunch: $35


Cruise: $17


Dinner: $20

 Scale the Eiffel Tower, a clear choice while in Paris, and eat lunch on the third tier in the top notch restaurant. According to the Travel book this is the number one place to see in all of France.


Go on a 1 hour Illuminations cruise at night and take in beautiful sights among the entire river.


Dinner at Le Mary Celeste, a great casual place to eat with wonderful cocktails, loud music, and a vivacious environment.





Breakfast: Free 


Lunch: $15


Dinner: $15

 Explore the downtown Paris and simply walk around, no structure to the day of exploration.


Lunch at Frenchie Wine Bar a small little stop for cheap food and good wine.


Visit the Latin Quarter, a sort of downtown area in Paris, bustling with students and cafes, etc.


Dinner will be at Le Coupe Chou, another cheap eatery in Paris.




 Drive to Versailles

 Breakfast: Free 


Palace of Versailles: $30 


Lunch:  $30


Hall of Mirrors: Free with day pass to Palace


Dinner: $25

 Visit the Palace of Versailles the royal residence of King Louis XIV.


Lunch at Kampai a Japanese style restaurant.


Visit the Hall of Mirrors another beautiful sight at the Palace and the eat dinner there as well.

 Stay at Le Louis Versailles Chateau, $388 for two nights, Breakfast and Parking included.




 Breakfast: Free 



Lunch: $40


Dinner: $20

 Visit Petit Trianon, Marie-Antionette’s Estate. A beautiful estate boasting incredible views and a great place to visit.


Lunch at Gordon Ramsay au Trianon, one of Gordon Ramsay’s most famous, and very expensive restaurant.


Visit Veraille’s Markets and roam around for hours stopping to eat dinner at any shop or restaurant available.




 Drive to Bordeaux

 Drive to Bordeaux


Lunch: $10



Dinner: $12

 Lunch will be at Pizzeria Filippo a cheap pizza place loved by the locals.


Walk through Saint Emilion, Village in Bordeaux that has a strong connection to red wine production, peaceful day

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Dinner is at La Taupiniere, another cheap restaurant that boasts great food for a great price.

 Stay at All Suites Bordeaux Marne, $165 for two nights, Breakfast and parking included




 Breakfast: Free 


Wine Tasting Class at Bordovino



Lunch: provided



Dinner: $15

 Wine tasting class at Bordovino where I will learn a lot about wine tasting, what wines are which, how to taste wine, and many other things, and lunch/food will be provided with the tour.


Explore the beautiful sights of the city of Bordeaux, rich in scenery and beautiful buildings, the city is something to behold.


Dinner at Locadillos a Mexican Fusion restaurant in Bordeaux with great reviews and once again great prices.




 Drive to Marseille

 Drive to Marseille


Lunch: $12




Dinner:  $80

 Lunch is at Twist Avenue a French fast food restaurant, very popular among locals.


Walk La Corniche, the gorgeous main street along the coast of Marseille, and take in the fresh air and visit all the shops along the way.


Dinner is at Peron, an incredible restaurant with some of the finest food in all of the country. Great seafood as well as French Cuisine.

 Stay at Toyoko Inn, $130 for two nights, Free Breakfast and Parking




Breakfast: Free 



Lunch: $15



Chateau d’If

$6 admission


Dinner: $15

 Visit the Old Harbor, an old port on the coast of Marseille for more of that unbeatable time by the sea. Seen in my travel book as a great spot to explore.


Lunch at Tapas Rojas another Mexican Fusion Restaurant.


Visit Chateau d’If, a really cool castle on a very small island off the coast.


Dinner at Ko-Ishi, an Asian fusion restaurant with a lot of rave reviews, also good prices.




 Drive to Nice

 Drive to Nice


Lunch: $15



Dinner: $15

 Lunch will be at George’s Roll Seafood, a great spot to get fresh seafood.


Walk Promenade des Anglais, the shoreline of Nice, has many vendors, lots of food, beautiful coastline, and dinner will be eaten by stopping and getting multiple snacks from different vendors.

 Stay at Hotel Florence in Nice, $333 for two nights, Breakfast and Parking included




 Breakfast: Free 


Lunch:  $20


Dinner: $25

 The Nice Port is similar to the Old Port in Marseille and is a cool place to see boats and the ocean.

Lunch is at Olim Café a small quirky café that serves all their food in mason jars.


The rest of the day will be spent on the beaches of Nice.


Dinner at the Fat Mermaid, a seafood spot right off the beach.




 Drive to Lyon

 Drive to Lyon


Lunch:  $15




Dinner: $15

 Lunch will be at What’s That Food, a taste of home with some American style fast food.


Walk through the renaissance old quarters of Lyon and see all that the city has to offer in terms of beautiful buildings and architecture.


Dinner is at Mammamia Pizzeria, a cheap pizza place in the city that offers some more home-like memories.

 Stay at the Raddison Blu Hotel, $342 for three nights, Breakfast and Parking included




 Breakfast: Free 



Lunch: $15




Dinner: $10

 Go to the Ancient Theatre of Fourviere, where historical plays were performed, climb the steps and enjoy the historical sights.


Lunch at Café Marmot, a small brunch and lunch eatery that is popular among locals and tourists alike..


Visit the Lyon Cathedral, after taking a few days off of looking at old churches, I will be returning to one on one of the last days, this one is one of the more beautiful in all of France.

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Lunch at Made in Fish, another popular seafood place.





 Breakfast: Free 


Tour: $350

 This day is dedicated to a private Guided Food Tour in Lyon where you spend the day tasting all of the expensive wines and cuisines of not only Lyon, but all of France. Any type of food that may have been missed on the trip will be tasted and made up for in a grand fashion.


The rest of the day is dedicated to packing up and getting ready to make the trek back to Paris to catch the late morning flight back to the long missed USA.




 Drive back to Paris in the morning


 Breakfast: Free

 After breakfast at the hotel, I will be checking out and making the few hour drive back to Paris, returning my rental car and flying back home.




 Land back in Omaha, NE




Cost Totals

Transportation (Air/Ground)

Cost of Activities


Food est.

Total Cost

Flights:  $1327

Rental Car: $1697.36

Gas: $500





[Noah DeMaria, April 23, 2019.]